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ramble on. need a therapist.

I have this weird infected feeling in my cheek. That stupid papule or whatever they call it. Salivary gland. But is it activated by sugar? Am I full of yeast? Candida? Leaky gut? Or is it psychosomatic? What's wrong with me? Why can't I be perfect forever?

God, so little was wrong with me as a teen/early twentysomething. What I wouldn 't give to have THAT body back. I'd take care of it. No booze, no junk, no smokes.

Well, if it isn't getting better tomorrow then I will go see a doc. Get some antibiotics. Maybe. I dunno. I wish I lived in a hospital.

Not really. I wish I wasn't becoming hypochondriac.

So, I think I will put off Marcy. She's waiting to hear on our date for Weds. Right now, I want to call it off. But I will wait until tomorrow. See if I still want to. I don't really feel up for it. It might be her, or me, or me with her, or me not wanting to date at all anymore. I don't know. But I won't just go off feeling out of sorts right now.

I think I will stick with FD6P with subtitles: Scrutiny. Fitness. PR0n. Etc. I need to distribute them. Mail them. online them. Get them to reviewers of zines and comix. THIS.


Holy shit. Argentum is still publishing on dland!

Wonder what happened to Tovah?

I need someone to talk to. Therapist? This fairy?

Hah! Eff my typos. Theyre funny.

Petsit this week. Cash. No sugar. No beer. Just TV. And time away. Need to work on comix. DOn't lose focus.

Dentist tomorrow. New client Friday. easy oeasy.

No dates. No?

6:19 p.m. - 01 March, 2015


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